L&L Receives Affirmation of Ownership from Former Ping Yi Owners

In response to misleading and false allegations questioning L&L’s ownership of its Ping Yi Mine, the Company has contacted Ping Yi’s
previous owners who confirmed L&L’s purchase of the Ping Yi Mine.  In the attached affirmation letter, the three former owners, Mr.
Baoguo Zhang, Mr. Honglin Chen, and Mr. Shauangyou Liu state they were controlling owners and gave Mr. Baoguo Zhang the
authority to sign the agreement selling the mine to L&L and confirmed that Mr. Baoguo Zhang received payments from L&L for the
purchase of the mine.

The former owners also signed a declaration stating that Mr. Shiwei HU, who questioned L&L’s ownership on a video, was misled by a
third party. His statements were also the subject of a series of statements and videos that included incorrect information. In the
declaration, the former owners of the Ping YI mine, who now reaffirm that they sold the Ping Yi Mine to L&L, request that any
information stemming from Mr. Shiwei HU be removed.  

*Original documents were executed with a typo in the ID#’s. The ID#’s were subsequently updated and initialed by all signing parties.